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The guys at AudioStage music production and promotion have been doing some great work with all kinds of artist over the last couple of years. We were really pleased to be asked to play for one of their now legendary sessions. We recorded 3 of our tunes with them.
Here are a couple of tracks from that, Orientale and Donkey.

The Pomfret Arms

In 2019 we played a great gig at the Pomfret Arms in Northampton.

Early Recordings

In April 2018 the band went into Stalkers Studio and Northampton to record three songs, Gernika, The Bear and the first recording from the band to feature dulcimer, Bayati Blues. A cover version of a song by TootArd from the occupied Golan Heights

We hope you like them.


The Bear

Bayati Blues

Unfortunately our first album La Belle and the Bear is now Sold Out. Thanks to everyone that bought one.

For more information about our upcoming releases please email .


Way back in 2015 we did a short interview with Lal Muttock at the BBC.

The Drones Club at the BBC